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Who We Are & How We Do What We Do

We are a team of experienced marijuana enthusiasts and accredited professionals, with over 15 years of active operation in the marijuana/cannabis industry.

Over time, we’ve developed an extensive and elaborate global proprietary marijuana fulfillment network with solid reps and cross-border connects, both locally and internationally. We aim primarily at educating and bridging the vast misconception and misinformation fed to the masses on the medicinal, therapeutic and psychedelic virtues and effects of the cannabis plant. Providing a safe and secure purchase platform for all our customers.

We operate a wide variety of delocalised cannabis plantations, in Colorado in the U.S / Edmonton in Canada / Netherlands in Europe / Melbourne in Australia. The decentralized nature of our operational centers provides us a constant supply of quality cannabis products and helps us ensure the safest and most secure marijuana delivery service to all our customers. Purchasing from GLOBAL WEED BAY is as simple as ordering your favorite apparel from Ebay!

Check Out What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

Just a little shout out on the last order I placed. With my increasing anxiety issues, prescribed pills don’t work anymore and I can’t drive out for too long to constantly replenish my stash, so your services have been a real fortune changer for me over the last 2 months.
I hope you keep up the quality of service you provide, it’s slowly becoming indispensable for some of us.


KarenAwesome service!

You guys are just one of a kind, and still, that is understating it. Probably the most potent shit I have ever had.

DaveStraight fire!

Being in the U.K, getting quality bud over here is a real struggle. You guys are just awesome.

Though I must say your prices are a little steep.

AshleyYou guys ROCK!



We provide nothing but the very best Marijuana, Hash Oil, Wax, Edibles, Cannabinoids and Cannabis related products.

Our Growing and extraction techniques are cultured from unique oriental methodologies and quality equipment, bringing you the finest and most potent strains and products.


With us, you get premium quality products and a diligent customer service you can TRUST. Thousands of satisfied and loyal customer, just can’t be wrong. You get to deal with real and genuine people who are available for you, which ever your precise need may be. We are the best solution for all your medical and recreational marijuana needs.

Safety & Security

All our packages are double vacuum sealed and strapped within aluminium foil paper proof delivery packs, making them completely scentless and undetectable by canine dogs and electronic sniffers.

All packages are sent out using proprietary private mail delivery services, to ensure utmost safety and security.

24/7 Support

Quality products and reliable service from genuine people, you can trust. We provide you necessary assistance, all the way through the purchase process.

From when you place an order to when you receive your products, we will be there every step of the way.

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